When you see what our clients are saying about the work we do, you are sure to understand why this group is the logical choice for your next project. Review the testimonials for The Toldo Company on Fishers Island, NY, and get a great idea of what is possible with our construction services.

"I have known Jared Toldo for 2 years and last winter asked him to renovate the first floor of my Fishers Island home. My father and I had worked with other contractors on the Island and always had mixed results - never got exactly what we asked for and the final cost was never close to the bid price. ( and I am now finding out that none of the old projects were ever permitted)

Jared took charge from the start and knew what needed to be done to get the permits. He got architectural drawing and quickly got the permit. The demo had some issues and Jared kept me well informed (I was in Maryland as he was on Fishers).

Jared was well organized and ordered the small and large items well before they were need on the construction site. He was also easy to work with as the architectural drawing were not exactly what I wanted. We made the changes and the end result was exactly what I wanted. There were several discussions where I told Jared what I wanted and he suggested something else. After researching his recommendations I always went with what he recommended. I soon realized he has an excellent understanding of what works and looks nice. He basically recommended a total change of the bathroom of what I wanted and now the bathroom gets rave reviews.
( and it did not cost me more).

Jared had to hire electricians, plumbers, painters, carpenters, and sheet rock guys. He supervised all of
them and my place is a show place!

Jared is a good listener, hard worker, wants to please, a good communicator, and takes pride in his work. Give him a good look because he wants to give a fair price on each of his projects.

I am so impressed with Jared that I will use him for many years ahead - I have an older home and he will always do the work for me.

Take Care”

- Exie

“It was a big decision to build on Fishers Island and on top of that, I had never built a house before. Most people come out of these experiences with terrible stories and many compromises, but building with Jared Toldo was a joy.

Jared is highly knowledgeable about all sides of building: masonry, roofing, carpentry, framing and finishing work. And our work together was truly collaborative. I was particularly impressed with his knowledge of niche or little known techniques such as working with concrete on site or making a terrazzo kitchen counter. During our one year project, my trust in Jared and his sensible creative mastery of materials grew to the point that I gave him full reign of the kitchen design. He was able to fell and mill some beautiful elm trees on my property which are now a big part of my kitchen. It is this attention to detail and integrity that I really have come to appreciate from Jared’s work.

Jared has the happiness of his client in mind and the love for the project. Even after I had made my last payment, Jared was available and eager to make sure everything was finished to my satisfaction. He sees and values the relationship between contractor and client as well as the necessity to keep the spirit up when inevitable obstacles occur. Most importantly he does what he promises. I think the best sign for how satisfied I am with Jareds work is that we are still friends, actually better friends than before.”

- Claudia D.

“Good Afternoon - Jared has been the primary contractor and general manager of our home construction on Fishers Island for the last 15 months. This was a tricky project, dealing with a difficult home manufacturer who in the middle of our project shut down their business outside of California, and fired every employee on the east coast including the general manager of our home construction. This is when Jared took over. Much of the work the manufacturer should have performed was left to Jared with little or no direction and very little time to complete. Despite taking over in the worst of circumstances, Jared completed the house in time for our vacation last summer. Since then, he has done numerous upgrades for us (including a gorgeous outdoor shower, shell driveway, and a significant kitchen renovation: removing cabinetry and installed tile and putting in a whole wall glass backsplash with tempered glass shelving). We have been so satisfied with his work we selected Toldo Company to do a major improvement project (finishing the basement of the house and doubling our living area: adding a courtyard, cutting in large new windows and sliding doors, and creating two new bedrooms, an office, large bathroom and family room). I recommend Jared and The Toldo Company for your consideration for three reasons: 1. Jared follows through on his commitments, when he says it'll be done, it gets done. 2. My wife and I have always been impressed with the quality of his work, he does the job right. 3. He is transparent with his billing - he includes every invoice and thoroughly explains every charge including his costs and profit margin."

Regards, H.P.B.