Building Services on Fishers Island, NY

Establish a partnership with The Toldo Company and transform your home into a destination for your family and others. We help our residents modernize their homes through a design-build process that others have come to appreciate. Take advantage of our expertise and our suite of building services in Fisher Island, NY.

We collaborate with licensed architectural firms during the design process to ensure you get the features you need for life on the island and beyond. Our group manages every new home project to maximize value and minimize costs. Clients work with our firm to build new houses, and they call on us for existing home remodeling as well.

When a home is threatened by high winds and storm surge, our group provides them with the modifications they need to protect their place in the neighborhood. We do as much of the work as possible, and we use a proven team of plumbing and electrical subcontractors to finish the job the right way. We are eager to talk about past examples of our work to help you develop your design.

Wildflower Meadow

A Reliable Partner

Transform your home into a destination with our broad array of services. Life here on the Eastern end of Long Island can seem remote, and some of our neighbors appreciate that distance. To better serve everyone’s needs, we developed an approach that matches our way of life.

We design new spaces in conjunction with a licensed architect, and we manage the project from start to finish. When the work is completed, we remain in place to ensure the property remains beautiful during every season. High winds can send branches flying, so we offer tree services. You can repurpose a stretch of land with our excavation process, and have a wildflower meadow installed.

Our group maintains a 60’ boom lift with a minimum track width of 30” and a weight of only 2,800 pounds. The flexibility we bring to the table helps our clients install new stormwater systems and make other improvements. Our masonry service helps us create new fireplaces and foundations for modern rooms.

Resourceful Property Management

The needs of a property can vary over time, so our approach also includes the management of the location during the times you are away. Set up a recurring schedule for property checks, either daily, weekly, or monthly, to ensure everything is in good working order.