New House Builds on Fishers Island, NY

DeSimone House

Project Description: New Home Build
Project Specifications: A Single-Family New Home Built To Custom Design

DeSimone Home Front
DeSimone Home Side

Features included a maintenance-free and straightforward materials list. No drywall or paint was used in the construction. Custom build cabinetry using Elm trees cut down from the property during the site clearing phase. In-floor radiant heat embedded in 4” polished concrete floors throughout the house. Custom cast in place concrete island countertop with built-in sink. Recycled glass, seashells, and stones were cast in the mold and polished to bring to life a one of a kind kitchen accents.

Services Used: Working closely with a budget in mind, our design expertise was put to work. Selections were strategically made to give the owner a certain type of simplistic feeling while maintaining the budget constraints of the project. The floor plan was developed by the owner and brought to permit through The Toldo Company using New York State professional architect David Noe. We provided house demolition and removal. All associated site work such as tree removal, land grading, and preparation. We excavated all foundations, removed old septic systems, and poured concrete footings. We constructed below-grade foundation walls, waterproofing, and insulation. Plumbing electrical and framing work was subcontracted out to our professional partners in each field. The overall build time for the project was 11 months.

Notos Old World Wine Cellar

Project Description: Wine Cellar Build in an Existing Basement
Project Specifications: Built in 2005 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Notos Wine Cellar
Notos Wine Cellar Wedding Venue
Notos Wine Cellar Arches
Notos Wine Cellar Dining

The owner requested a basement be transformed into a wine cellar. I designed for them an eight-room brick domed ceiling wine cellar dining space. With a 60’ long center barreled ceiling and four individual domed dining areas on either side, the project is truly a one of a kind custom build. We were using salvaged materials shipped from old warehouse teardowns in the city of Chicago. We used old-world jointing techniques and white mortar to give the appearance the structure has been there for centuries.

Custom designed and built wine cellar.

Bunaes Home

Project Description:  The Bunaes Home is a passive Solar home built by Blu Homes Company in California
Project Specifications:The house dimensions are 20 x 60, and the unique hinged design allowed the home to arrive on a single trailer all the way from California.

Bunaes Home Ladder
Bunaes Home Rail
Bunaes Home Ladder and Rail Installed
Bunaes Home Fence
Bunaes Home Kitchen
Bunaes Home Foundations
Bunaes Home Deck

The Bunaes Home is a passive Solar home built by Blu Homes Company in California.  The house dimensions are 20 x 60, and the unique hinged design allowed the home to arrive on a single trailer all the way from California.  The home folds in half the long way twice.  The floor folds down and an exterior wall folds up and out to complete the envelope.  The ends fold out to close things up before roof rake walls, all pre-assembled, are fastened and roof panels lifted in place.  The first challenge of course bringing such a large trailer to the island was the length.  The ferry deck could only hold the trailer itself.  The tractor to move it had to be shipped detached from the trailer.  The first project challenge was getting the house through the winding roads leading to the site.  After realizing in fact, the trailer was too long to navigate the last turn onto Reservoir road, we had to find a solution to maneuver around the corner.  First, we tried to pull the rear of the trailer sideways with an excavator.  The trailer weighed too much.  We ended up at our local hardware store to by rolls of plastic.  Then off to the local grocery store for some dawn dish soap.  We pulled the trailer as far forward as possible, laid one plastic sheet down and covered it with dawn dish soap.  After placing the second layer of plastic down we had made a slip and slide for the trailer to be slid around the corner, saving the beautiful cedar tree on the corner or reservoir road.


We had previously poured the foundation of the house and the erectors set the house in 2 days.  We then were contracted to finish up the project by Blu homes.  We waterproofed the foundation walls, put in drainage pipes along footing, back-filled the foundation, dug sewer line and made connection to system.  We also constructed an enormous deck on the front of the house.  Being 60 feet long and 15’ wide it was almost as big as the house.  Inside the house we contracted to have all electrical wiring completed, as well as the plumbing connections finished up.  We hung all the drywall, installed all the trim and painted all the interior walls and trim. 

 Phase two consisted of re-tiling the kitchen back-splash and installing floating glass shelves.  We used a sea glass green glass tile selected by the Bunaes’ for the back-splash.  To install the glass shelves, we had to drill precisely into the 2 x 6 studs in order to slip Stainless steel rods in for support.  The rods are almost invisible to the eye and the glass shelves have an illusion of floating.  We also built custom ships ladder out of cedar materials, up to the loft. The ships ladder had to be recessed into the wall to allow proper function of the bedroom door.  

 We are now permitted and working to build out the basement space.  We are adding 2 bedrooms, a bathroom with separate shower and soaking tub along with a family room and small coffee bar. All new LED lights will be installed and a finished spiral staircase will lead to the first floor.