About Us

Interweave your own story into the rich history of close bonds in this community by learning more about The Toldo Company on Fishers Island, NY. We believe in our mission, and we look forward to helping you and the community we have come to love.

Mission Statement

Our Mission statement has been defined by lifetime association with professional craftsmen who pursue excellence in performance, efficiency, quality, integrity respect for each other, and a commitment to satisfying expectations. Whether the client is a neighbor whose furnace won’t kick on in a cold February night or a first-time new home build, we show up to do the job right. There is an old saying I like. “Do you want it done right NOW? Or do you want it done, right?” Given our commitment to upholding quality, we can provide the service our clients deserve. Planning for success helps us in planning your project. Planning directly with designer and owner gives us a distinct advantage to craft the means methods, materials, schedules, and manpower to get your job done on time, according to budget, and with quality craftsmanship.

Company History

The Toldo Company was started in 2015. After moving to Fishers Island in 2013, our founder saw the need to diversify the services his company offered. With a lifetime of experience in the construction field of masonry, he was privileged to work in and around all the trades throughout the years. Involvement in both residential projects, as well as commercial projects, has given Jared Toldo the perspective to lead a workforce that is capable of both expedience and quality craftsmanship.

Jared’s father was a stonemason, born in Westerly, RI, to Frederick and Josephine Toldo. His grandfather was a retired captain of detectives from the Stonington, CT, police department, where he served for 20 years. He also founded the national chimney sweeps guild in 1951 and opened Home Aid chimney cleaning company in 1951 too. Jared’s grandmother was an Italian redhead who raised four children and worked at Davis Standard in Stonington, CT, reconciling, and keeping financial records.

As a young boy, his work experience on residential projects with his father started his desire to bring a feeling of success and fairness to the clients he served. Building relationships on the foundations of trust, honesty, and long-term commitment is the life lesson he was taught at a very young age. Throughout the years alongside his father, he often heard of a client’s dissatisfaction with their general contractor. Jared’s father could always bridge a gap between the owner and other people on the job site. People liked to speak with him regarding project details, even if it didn’t have to do with his craft. He was so good at what he did that he built confidence. He had a natural way of working through problems, putting in a full hard days’ work, and making it seem effortless and enjoyable. Watching his father step up to the plate in those situations and manage concerns, problems while mitigating potential disasters or mistakes has molded Jared’s attitude and approach to contracting.

The Family Grows

Later in life, after he married Robin in 1999 and left his father’s business. It was then that his work experience started on commercial projects in Grand Rapids, MI. Jared lived in the Grand Rapids area for 14 years. He started working for a very large commercial masonry company and gathered experience with large crew sizes and large job sites. Projects would range from 5 and 10,000 s/f homes to 30-million-dollar school projects. The large-scale use of equipment, workforce, and intense timelines helped him to craft, visualize, and adopt new ways to drive and improve on efficiency. Everything that gets measured gets done.

The things that were important to him were frequently not crucial to other employees. He was taught to establish a higher standard in all things, whether it was the value of company time, quality of work, timeliness, cleanliness, or effort. During this time, he began to understand that a more significant workload was critical to his development.

On His Own

Emulating his father’s spirit resulted in satisfaction with the client’s sense of appreciation. He then broke off to form Toldo Masonry in the fall of 2000. Within 18 months he was contracting commercial masonry projects. Jared worked on a new facility for Pennock Hospital in Hastings, MI. He also worked on a multi-unit development in Grand Haven, MI, called Haven Wood. Jared built the Grand Rapids Ballet Company in downtown Grand Rapids with the assistance of many talented Men. The ballet company project included 55’ tall walls and became one of the largest privately-owned ballet company facilities of the time. Commissioned by the Noto Family in 2004, Jared worked beside Tom Tony and Joanne Noto to develop plans for their old-world wine cellar dining rooms. This was a significant feat and a highlight of his career as a mason. Getting brick to the dome, being self-supporting itself above one’s head proved to be the greatest challenge of all.

Through numerous brainstorming and failed attempts, we finally designed a form system that could be transported in an elevator down into the basement, assembled, brick laid upon, and then disassembled and removed. Eight individual rooms were created along with a 60’ long-barreled ceiling separating the rooms, four on either side.

So that would all lead up to moving here to Fishers Island, NY, and developing his general contracting business, engaging clients, and reaching out to decades-old resources he has built a reliable network of artisans to execute projects needed both on and off the island.